our Vision

“Woodinville Alliance Church is a community where every person discovers who they are in Christ, experiences his goodness and shares His love with their world."


Our rest is found in the Father’s adoption which moves us in desire for His Kingdom.

Our rooted faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ compels us to reach toward others in love.

Our reliance on the Holy Spirit’s empowerment guides us in our everyday lives.
Discovery: We are a people, formed by the biblical narrative, who develop a strong sense of identity and a deep sense of purpose within the Story of a loving and faithful God.

Encounter: We are a people who seek intimacy with God that we might better know Him and respond to His love.

Surrender: We are a people learning to trust in God’s goodness and His good intentions as we live into His will for us.

Integration: We are a people committed to seeing, honoring, and welcoming everyone into a transformative community.

Restoration: We are a people who participate with God as He heals, renews, and restores the world to the wholeness (shalom) for which it was created.

Engagement: We are a people who seek to know God and make Him known that others might find life in Him.

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