Encounter Jesus. Engage one another.

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If you're already familiar with our online church experience, bypass this overview and begin the "Ready" section by clicking the button below:

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Our Pastors and Staff have worked together to create an in-home WA Church Experience. Sundays at 10:30am, you are invited
to engage with material designed to draw us towards Jesus and others
through discussion, learning and prayer.

If you haven't navigated our online church experience yet, this page offers you an overview.  On Sunday morning, you can click the START ONLINE CHURCH HERE button at the bottom of this page to begin.



This section is designed to be done PRIOR to the livestream, which begins Sunday morning about 10:50am.

Grab a bible and something to write with!  When you click the START ONLINE CHURCH HERE button at the bottom of this page, you'll end up on our READY page.

The READY section is designed to help you get ready to more fully engage the message. Beyond simply listening to an online Sunday teaching, we believe we’ll all get the most from this experience when we engage the word and worship actively and personally, even from our living rooms at home.

The READY page then directs you to the RECEIVE page, step 2.



The RECEIVE section contains the live-stream video with the message for the day.

Pastor Phil's live-streamed message begins Sunday about 10:50am.  After you watch the RECEIVE video, you'll click the right arrow at the bottom of your page. It will send you to the last section of our church experience, RESPOND.


After the message, RESPOND offers prompts for reflection, discussion and prayer designed to help you go deeper.  This is a good resource to return to later in the week during your quiet time or to use for table talk after family dinner time.

In the RESPOND section, you can also find places to ENGAGE the community: information to connect to our prayer ministry, links for GIVING, and resources for your family.  Ready to begin?  Click the START ONLINE CHURCH HERE button below!
Encounter Jesus.  Engage One Another.