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Sunday morning Livestream begins at 10:30am.

READ AND REFLECT:  Take some time to read, then reflect or discuss the following questions provided by Pastor Mark.

2 Corinthians 3:17c

1. We discussed the importance of having a balanced Trinitarian understanding of God. Articulate the importance of this balanced view in your own words.

2. Dorothy Sayers used the analogy of Idea, Energy, and Power in describing the persons of the Trinity. Articulate this analogy and explain how her          analogy informs your understanding of the importance of the role of the Holy Spirit?

3. Why is the Holy Spirit important to you, personally, in your walk with Christ?

4. Why do we say that the Holy Spirit is essential to living a life of freedom?

5. Explain your understanding of the continual life process of filling and overflowing (see Romans 15:13)

6. Are you living a life infused with God’s power through the Holy Spirit or has your Christian walk become a bit stagnant? Won’t you pray and ask God for a fresh filling of His Spirit so that you might truly live in freedom?

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