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Begin your online church experience BEFORE the livestream by digging into the adjacent scripture and discussion points.  Then watch this week's message by clicking 'play' below.

The livestream begins about 10:30am.

Habakkuk 2:15-17

AFTER THE LIVESTREAM:  Reflect and Respond with these questions offered by Pastor Mark

The fourth “woe” consists of God’s condemnation of Nebuchadnezzar’s exploitation of his neighbors.

1. What does it mean to exploit others?

2. Discuss each of the following forms of exploitation. Give concrete examples:
            a. emotional
            b. professional
            c. physical
            d. financial
            e. spiritual

Discuss any personal examples of exploitation you might have experienced (and which you are willing to share).

3. Most of us have been exploited in some way, at some time in our lives. How did it make you feel?

4. God offers an analogy of exploitation wherein someone gets another person drunk for lewd            purposes. What is it about this analogy that makes it a good illustration (hint: think of your              answers to question #3)

5. It was stated in the message that, “God’s call on us is to make people better because they’re in         relationship with us.” Suggest some tangible ways God can use you to make those in your life           better.

Is there an area of your life you feel the Holy Spirit is prompting you to consider, to think differently about, or to take action in this week? 

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