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It is our joy to see Jesus change us and the world around us.  Our community is passionate about doing life-on-life with people in order that they would fully encounter the goodness of the Holy Spirit in the every day experiences of life together -- to be ministered to and to become ministers of reconciliation who restore the brokenhearted, equip the saints and worship the King in Word and in Spirit.
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Who we are

We are built around four pillar statements that inspire hope of transformation we long to see in our lives and others.

Identity: Our story never begins with us choosing God, but God choosing us. This is God’s way of eliminating any means of establishing our value and worth and significance, apart from him.
Encounter: God is eager to be known and experienced by all, so we seek to make ourselves intentionally “present to” (available to) and “present for” (available for) God.
Testimony: As the Kingdom comes, “in you”, this fosters healing, renewal, and restoration in your own life, relationships, and community. You will be eager to bear witness so that others might flourish as well.
 New Life: Through the Holy Spirit in and with us, we become the faithful presence of Jesus in the world. We live lives of invitation that welcome the wounded, the brokenhearted, and the marginalized so they can find wholeness in the good news of grace, in Jesus.