our Vision

vision statement

“Woodinville Alliance Church is a community where every person discovers who they really are in Christ, experiences his goodness and shares this life-changing encounter with their world so that others might value and choose Jesus for themselves.

This new life results in a movement from Self-reliance to God-reliance, Isolation to Belonging, Fear to Trust, Duty to Delight, Insignificance to Purpose, Brokenness to Wholeness.”
We are convinced that our vision is not simply a statement, but a trajectory for movement from one place to another.

[Self-reliance to God-reliance]
We are losing confidence in self and gaining confidence in God.

[Isolation to Belonging]
We are grounded in our status as God’s beloved and are confident enough to allow others in and to let ourselves out.
[Fear to Trust]
We are breaking free of the limitations of fear by entrusting ourselves to God and trusting ourselves with God.
[Duty to Delight]
Our responses to God (and others) are better characterized as compelling rather than obligatory.

[Insignificance to Purpose]
We image God when we represent him and his desires well and live lives which make him attractive and available.

[Brokenness to Wholeness]
As broken people on our way to restoration, we can link ourselves to the needs of our near-ones and serve them in ways which lend to their shalom or wholeness.

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