End of year giving 2020


Dear Woodinville Alliance family,

I am reminded during this Advent season that when we are unwilling to abandon God in the midst of some pretty painful and confusing life-circumstances, that’s trust. The result of trust is hope.

Hope is a posture we choose, not a pose created by our circumstances. It’s always about life in ‘real time’. It’s not living without bouts of discouragement but living through them. It means that we have simply outlasted everything that opposes our joy.
“… tested by many troubles… but also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity.” 2 Corinthians 8:2

Paul offers this paradoxical response of a people encountering any number of adverse circumstances yet finding within themselves a grace which creates generosity and a generative (life-giving) environment.

As I reflect on all that has pressed in on us during this season, I am reminded that all that seems lifeless and barren has life in it, waiting to be resurrected. I am grateful for the ways that we have experienced so many finding new life in Jesus and others who are simply coming alive in him. This grace has incited within many a desire to make themselves personally available for increased participation in the restoration of others, as well as freely making available resources which contribute to the well-being of others during times of acute adversity.

We recently celebrated, in water baptism, the new life in Jesus experienced by some of our young people. You can see their incredible testimonies here.  We continue to hear compelling stories from our ministry leaders who are reporting significant episodes of restoration from within their places of influence.

Ken Knuckey gives personal testimony to moving from a, “Task orientation, driven by the need to perform for approval… (to) vulnerability, freedom in Christ from performing for approval, listening for God’s voice, surrender to His will, and worship.”

Sandy Calissendorff reports how, “One woman, who lives alone, has adopted the idea of ‘snuggling up to Jesus.’  She has been memorizing Scripture as a means of reminding herself of His constant presence, which has provided great comfort and created a desire to spend MORE time with Jesus--- to live WITH Him. Immanuel.”

Alex Worthington shares how after a teaching on “listening to Holy Spirit”, one of the youth reported that he stopped to listen and heard God say to him, “I love you”. The young man suggested that it was one of the more significant moments he'd had in his relationship with God, and that even though people had told him countless times that God loves him, he was more convinced of it after that experience.

I trust that you are finding ways to share with others the stories of your own personal restoration.
We pause at the end of this year, looking back in gratitude at the significant move of the Holy Spirit in life-transformation and restoration….and looking forward with hope to what God has for us next as we bring His light and love to our community and beyond.

To help us end the year in the black and move forward with a generosity of spirit, creating momentum as we take steps of faith in the year ahead, would you consider making a special year-end contribution above and beyond your regular giving between now and the end of 2020?

Here are 5 simple ways you can give:
  • ONLINE through our website (http://www.wachurch.us/give)
  • MOBILE APP through WA Church App (free at iOS or Android store)
  • IN PERSON (during our weekend gatherings or drop by the office)
  • BY MAIL (13940 NE 166th St Woodinville WA 98072)
  • DIRECT DISTRIBUTION from an IRA or Retirement Plan (consider the tax advantages—directions linked here)
  • STOCK GIFTS (contact WA Church treasurer-Dave Blackmer at blackmer.dw@gmail.com with questions, directions linked here)

Don’t forget, all contributions received before midnight on December 31st 2020 are tax deductible and will be credited towards your 2020 giving record.
  • If you would like to know how much have contributed to-date or you have questions or concerns, contact dianeb@wachurch.us.
  • You can expect your 2020 giving statement in the email by the end of January. We are happy to report that we can now combine giving statements for couples!

Thank you for your faithfulness in building God’s Kingdom here at Woodinville Alliance Church and beyond through your continued generosity! Just like so many of you, I am thankful and feel so blessed to be a part of a community full of people deeply committed to bringing God’s beauty to this world around us.

Phil Strong
Lead Pastor

 Belong | Believe | Bless

Questions about Giving?

We'd love to clarify any giving questions you may have. requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.