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Dear church family,

This week we had a staff member test positive for COVID. A number of other staff members may have been exposed outside of the workplace and are now self-isolating. I was not exposed, myself.

I have consulted with the Governing Council, and we have concluded that with the number of potentially exposed staff and members, the most prudent course is to take this Sunday off from in-person services. That will allow time enough for us to be sure all affected individuals are negative, and we look forward to being able to gather again the following Sunday. We continue to request mask wearing when we meet in-person both in accordance with state guidelines and as a way to care for others.

We ask that you join us in prayer for those in our body and elsewhere who are affected by this disease.

Phil Strong
Lead Pastor

2020 end of year letter from pastor phil

Dear Woodinville Alliance Family,

I am reminded during this Advent season that when we are unwilling to abandon God in the midst of some pretty painful and confusing life-circumstances, that’s trust. The result of trust is hope.

Hope is a posture we choose, not a pose created by our circumstances. It’s always about life in ‘real time’. It’s not living without bouts of discouragement but living through them. It means that we have simply outlasted everything that opposes our joy.
“… tested by many troubles… but also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity.” 2 Corinthians 8:2

Paul offers this paradoxical response of a people encountering any number of adverse circumstances yet finding within themselves a grace which creates generosity and a generative (life-giving) environment.

As I reflect on all that has pressed in on us during this season, I am reminded that all that seems lifeless and barren has life in it, waiting to be resurrected. I am grateful for the ways that we have experienced so many finding new life in Jesus and others who are simply coming alive in him. This grace has incited within many a desire to make themselves personally available for increased participation in the restoration of others, as well as freely making available resources which contribute to the well-being of others during times of acute adversity.

We recently celebrated, in water baptism, the new life in Jesus experienced by some of our young people. You can see their incredible testimonies here.  We continue to hear compelling stories from our ministry leaders who are reporting significant episodes of restoration from within their places of influence.

Ken Knuckey gives personal testimony to moving from a, “Task orientation, driven by the need to perform for approval… (to) vulnerability, freedom in Christ from performing for approval, listening for God’s voice, surrender to His will, and worship.”

Sandy Calissendorff reports how, “One woman, who lives alone, has adopted the idea of ‘snuggling up to Jesus.’  She has been memorizing Scripture as a means of reminding herself of His constant presence, which has provided great comfort and created a desire to spend MORE time with Jesus--- to live WITH Him. Immanuel.”

Alex Worthington shares how after a teaching on “listening to Holy Spirit”, one of the youth reported that he stopped to listen and heard God say to him, “I love you”. The young man suggested that it was one of the more significant moments he'd had in his relationship with God, and that even though people had told him countless times that God loves him, he was more convinced of it after that experience.

I trust that you are finding ways to share with others the stories of your own personal restoration.
We pause at the end of this year, looking back in gratitude at the significant move of the Holy Spirit in life-transformation and restoration….and looking forward with hope to what God has for us next as we bring His light and love to our community and beyond.

To help us end the year in the black and move forward with a generosity of spirit, creating momentum as we take steps of faith in the year ahead, would you consider making a special year-end contribution above and beyond your regular giving between now and the end of 2020?

Here are 5 simple ways you can give:
  • ONLINE through our website (
  • MOBILE APP through WA Church App (free at iOS or Android store)
  • IN PERSON (during our weekend gatherings or drop by the office)
  • BY MAIL (13940 NE 166th St Woodinville WA 98072)
  • DIRECT DISTRIBUTION from an IRA or Retirement Plan (consider the tax advantages—directions linked here)
  • STOCK GIFTS (contact WA Church treasurer-Dave Blackmer at with questions, directions linked here)
Don’t forget, all contributions received before midnight on December 31st 2020 are tax deductible and will be credited towards your 2020 giving record.
  • If you would like to know how much have contributed to-date or you have questions or concerns, contact
  • You can expect your 2020 giving statement in the email by the end of January. We are happy to report that we can now combine giving statements for couples!

Thank you for your faithfulness in building God’s Kingdom here at Woodinville Alliance Church and beyond through your continued generosity! Just like so many of you, I am thankful and feel so blessed to be a part of a community full of people deeply committed to bringing God’s beauty to this world around us.

Phil Strong
Lead Pastor
 Belong | Believe | Bless

state issued covid 19 guidance update & impact on services |  11.18.20

Dear Woodinville Alliance Church,

On November 15th, the Washington State Governor’s Office released additional guidance on COVID-19.These new changes are in effect from Nov 16th through Dec 14th, 2020. In summary, this NEW guidance specifically expands COVID restrictions for religious services/organizations in the following ways:
  • Worship (musical presentation) activities may only include 1 vocalist and 1 accompanist.
  • The congregation may not sing during times of worship.

Also, in connection to previous/standing guidance from the Washington State Governor’s Office, we will continue to ensure that:
  • Religious Service & gatherings wear masks, maintain social distancing, and limit room occupancy rates to 25% of a rooms capacity.
  • Small group religious gatherings of 5 people (plus a ministry leader) continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and limit room occupancy rates to 25% of a rooms capacity.

WA Church will be encouraging the following additional responses from our ministries and congregation in cooperation with the latest guidance:
  • Coffee service will be suspended
  • Small Group leaders (for group up to 6) will be contacted to remind them of the availability for meeting in the larger spaces provided by our building
  • The congregation will be reminded not to sing during worship songs

As the State Governors office either expands or contracts future guidance, the Woodinville Alliance COVID response team, with leadership from the Governing Council and staff, will update the our body accordingly.

Be Blessed,
Woodinville Alliance Leadership

Psalm 16:8
I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

update |  As of 4.17.2020

Hi there church family! We hope you were have been enjoying our space for reflection and fellowship via our online church experience available online and on the WA Church App.

Our regularly scheduled weekly gatherings will be held over Zoom and our Sunday Services will be held online until otherwise noticed.

If you or someone you know are in need due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, let us know how we can serve them by filling out the "I have a Need" form. Or if you are able to assist those who have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, fill out the "Meet A Need" form.

If you want someone to pray with you, email and a member of our Renew Prayer Team will schedule a time of ministry with you.

We are praying for our immediate and worldwide community as we wait for this season to pass. We are thankful for your prayers and financial support in this season Church Family! 

In Christ,

WA Church Pastors & Staff

SUNDAY SERVICE & Ministry updates | UpdateD As of 3.16.2020

Hi there church family! We hope you were able to enjoy a time of reflection and fellowship at home yesterday via our online sermon.
We wanted to update you all on some building meeting developments.

Due to the rapidly changing guidelines related to COVID-19, WA Church shall be closed for all ministry related activities and meetings
effective immediately. We will continue to make regular updates as things change. We will keep you regularly informed through weekly
updates through the Scoop, our text platform, and the web. Our Elders, Pastors, and Renew Ministry and Prayer teams would like to pray
with or for you. Please send an email to to schedule a visit or receive online care.

We are thankful for you Church Family. Continue to pray with us over our community at large and beyond Woodinville.

In Christ,

WA Church Pastors & Staff

SUNDAY SERVICE & Ministry updates | Update As of 3.12.2020

We are making changes to our Sunday Worship Service and Weekly Ministries in response to the developing Corona Virus situation and guidance from local officials. We will continue to make regular updates as things change. We will keep you regularly informed through weekly announcements through the Scoop, our text platform, and the web.
Update to Sunday Worship Services (Video Streaming) 

Starting March 15th, we will be offering  live video online (live streaming) for our 10 AM gathering. We strongly encourage everyone to watch from home. This is a great opportunity to invite a neighbor, family or friend to join you to watch/discuss the teaching over a cup of coffee. Better yet, share a recent story about the way Jesus has impacted your life!

To watch, simply download the Woodinville Alliance IOS or ANDROID app on your mobile device/tablet or go to our web page from your MAC or PC to begin your livestream at 10 AM each Sunday. Our pastors and staff will be on-site during the livestream where you may also join us in the Worship Center for a time of Teaching and musical worship. Note: In the short term our Worship Team will not be included in the live stream experience.  
Sunday Service for Children and The WAY (Youth) will NOT be offered this Sunday 

Discontinuing Children and Youth Services provides you with additional reasons to view the service online.  If you still choose to come, please bring something for your little ones to write on and keep them busy. We also encourage you to review the cautions associated with those that have a higher risk from the Corona Virus. These precautions impact those that:
  • Are Over 60 years of age
  • Have underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes
  • Have a weakened immune system
  • Are pregnant
  • Are caregivers of children with underlying health conditions (please consult with healthcare providers about whether their children should stay home.)

Anyone with questions about whether their condition puts them at risk should consult with their healthcare provider. As a general guideline, if you have flu like symptoms, please stay home. Greater detail regarding precautions you should take as you consider spending time with us can be found here.
Other Ministry Activities and Events 

WA Church shall be closed for all ministry related activities and meetings effective immediately.
We will continue to make regular updates as things change suggested by local authorities in addition to the existing precautions already shared across our church family.
The following additional measures have been put in place to minimize exposure risks at WA Church AND attend to spiritual care needed in this unique moment:

  • We have enabled live steaming to encourage smaller group gatherings and prayer in the home setting. Find last week's sermon here.
  • Hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the building.
  • We are encouraging regular hand washing.
  • Welcome Team and Ushers will be elbow bumping, waving, and smiling but are avoiding handshakes and hugs.
  • Our facilities team has increased sterilization and cleaning of surfaces that are high touch.
  • All volunteer/leaders must certify they are COVID19 symptom-free prior to serving at Church
  • Offering Baskets will not be passed down the aisles but will be available at back of room upon exit. We are encouraging on-line giving through our IOS or ANDROID APP.
  • No self-serve beverages will be offered. Our Porch teams will be serving espresso drinks.
  • Our Elders, Pastors, and Renew Ministry and Prayer teams would like to pray with or for you. Please send an email to to schedule a visit or receive on-line care.
  • Youth Engagement – in next week or so, we will be looking at ways to help your kids stay personally connected as we know many of them already are doing on-line school due to closures and have lots of time on their hands. More info coming!
  • Take a Step - Ask yourself:  What opportunities for development is God orchestrating in my life right now? (share your answer with a friend, spouse, your kids, a relative).
We are thankful for you Church Family. Continue to pray with us over our community at large and beyond Woodinville.

In Christ,

WA Church Pastors & Staff

SUNDAY SERVICE & Ministry updates | Update As of 3.09.2020

Important Novel Corona Virus Information for WA Church

The below information is to help our church family and friends familiarize themselves with WA Church’s communication approach to the Novel Corona Virus and the status of our weekly activities and services at or around our building. While we advise individual discernment and taking the suggested pre-cautions offered by local authorities below, we also believe in the power of prayer and healing. We invite you to do both, discern and pray into the emotional anxiety and physical sickness that this circumstance is bringing up in our local community, our country, and the world… placing your trust in Him to “do more than we can ask or imagine”.
  • 1 Peter 5:7 –“ cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.”
  • Matthew 6:27 - “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”
WA Church Action and Guidance

1. WA Church leadership, pastors, and Board are actively monitoring this health situation with support from Health Care professionals within our congregation and the leading authorities listed below.

2. WA Church is taking its cues from the WA State Department of Health, King County Health Department who are in consultation with Federal authorities. We encourage you to consult these links for the latest developments as they are most pertinent to our surrounding area.3. Notification of future closures to the WA Church building (should there be any) will be announced through our church-wide text platform. To ensure you get updates regarding any closures, please text the word "WAOPTIN" to 425-399-7229.

4. Several other important links may be helpful in this matter:
Lake WA School District -
Northshore School District -
Corona Virus Fact Sheet