As we move to the next Phase of re-opening, we are planning to re-open children's programming for ALL ages on Sundays, beginning Sunday April25th during the 9am service only.

You can register yourself for the in-person worship services and then register your children for a spot in an age appropriate class HERE.

Additional information about classroom locations and check in procedures during this phased re-opening will be emailed to you once you register (and available in person on Sunday mornings).

The info below applies when we are able to begin opening classrooms again safely.

Come to the Welcome Center just around the corner from the Porch and our welcome team will take care of you!

Once we get some basic info and create a name tag for your child, one of the welcome team will help you find the right classroom for your child’s age and explain the pick-up procedure.  Don't hesitate to let us know if you have ANY questions!

A small snack will be provided to the kids during their time in the classroom. If your child has food sensitivities, please make sure to notify the welcome team so it can be noted on your child’s name tag.
*We do advise parents of children with food sensitivities to provide an appropriate snack for their child.

Understanding that every child is unique, we want to partner with you to provide the best care possible. The more information we have ahead of time, the better we can help meet your child’s needs.  If you are considering bringing your child on Sundays, please visit this link: Disabilities Information Form. Fill out anything on the form that you feel pertains to your child and would help give us an initial understanding of their needs.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your kids!

We have 2 check-in stations downstairs and 1 upstairs.  Please print your child’s
name tags and remember to hold on to the security tag for pick up.
Beginning at 9:45, teachers should be in the classrooms, ready to welcome your child.

At approximately 10:05, Kindergarten-5th grade classes will walk to the worship center together,  joining the adults for corporate worship.  After worship, they will return to their classrooms for the bible lesson, discussion, activities and game time!

The following age groups will spend the entire service in their classroom and/or designated play space:
  • Nursery– 3’s (main, west hallway across from Welcome Center)
  • 4/5’s (southwest preschool wing)

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us!  To help reduce chaos for our teachers, we limit check in to the classroom itself and ask that PARENTS check in their kids instead of sending them off to the room alone.

If you have a 1st-5th grader and arrive during their transition to the worship center OR during worship time, please keep your child WITH you during worship until the kids are dismissed to their classes.  At that time, you can escort your child to the appropriate classroom for check in.


Larsen Quarantingo

Imaginative Prayer: Family Exercise (by Rachel Schober)
Easter: Jonah 1:17-2:10

Intro: Jonah’s story pointed to Resurrection for the early Church.

Define: Imaginative Prayer is an ancient practice. Its purpose is to open space for the Holy Spirit to expand what is in the text and speak through one’s imagination. It’s a chance to slow down with the text and picture what it was like to experience what’s described in the Story.

Invite: Holy Spirit, we invite you to come to us. Focus and guide our imaginations to see and feel what you have for us in this moment.

Read Whole Text
Invite Holy Spirit again
Read Text in segments below, with pauses and space and prompts

What would that moment have looked like for Jonah?
What do you imagine Jonah was feeling when...
What was Jonah thinking those 3 days before talking to God?

2:1-2 What does it feel like to be heard by someone? By God?

[For older kids/parents’ discretion 2:3-8]

2:9 What was Jonah feeling when he made promises to God?
What was God feeling?

2:10 What was that moment like for Jonah?
What does it feel like to be given a second chance?

There is nowhere, no place where the LORD cannot hear your call.
Even in the dark, damp, deep - hardest, blackest moments -
He hears and He answers.
Jonah was hidden in the depths and yet God heard him and answered him.
He calls you His own child - He hears you. He answers you.


Larsen Quarantingo
If you're looking for resources about how to talk to your kids about racism, you'll find a place to begin here.

Looking for ways to connect with your kids spiritually throughout the week?  
Try our Family Time Devos Challenge for Elementary Age Kids // Family Time Devos Challenge for the Youngers (Non-Readers).

Wondering how to talk to your kids about anxiety?  The unfamiliarity of our current situation can stir up big feelings for everyone at home.  Check out the Parent Cue website for some simple, age appropriate conversation guides here.

Another great resource available from Parent Cue is their Faith Conversation Guide (broken down by ages/stages), downloadable for free here.


Our heart is to see every child and family discover who they are in Christ, experience his goodness and learn how to share this life-changing encounter with their world.


At Woodinville Alliance, we want children and families to be welcomed into the church body and to encounter the transforming love and grace of Jesus.   This starts with caring classroom leaders committed to building relationships first, demonstrating the way Jesus prioritized and cared for children.  It includes opportunities for your family to build on a foundation of faith as a family unit and to connect with other families looking to grow together.  We want to help all kids grow in their understanding of God's great love by exploring the Bible, worshiping together, practicing habits of faith development and providing support for parents as they lead by example.

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