Day 15 | Lent is for Hope

"We have this hope as an
  anchor for the soul,
firm and steadfast."

- Hebrews 6:19a

We might think that the hope of Lent has to do with our hope that we will get through it, that we will come to the end of it. We see Lent as an obstacle course we need to navigate in order to get to the great feast of Easter. But while the Lenten season is indeed preparation for our Easter celebration, the hope of this season is that we will find our lives transformed by the many ways we encounter God’s Word, by the richness of the Scripture readings chosen to encourage, to challenge, to confront, to comfort. Focusing only on the end goal would cause us to miss so much along the way.


The prophet Joel calls for a public ritual of repentance. Jesus reminds his followers that our deepest need is between ourselves and the Father. Both are necessary. Which do you need this Lent?

How might your Lenten observances contain a healthy balance of public and private prayer? Choose something this Lent that will enhance your day-to-day interactions with the people in your life.

From The Hope of Lent, Franciscan Media

Listen to our worship song of the day, Living Hope, below or find it here on Spotify on our 2020 Lenten Worship Playlist, growing daily one song at a time.
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Steve - March 18th, 2020 at 3:43pm

I hope.

Hope for a future.

A future...brighter.

A future...healed.

A future...fullness.

A future...wholeness.


I hope for tomorrow.


I hope for today.

The journey of today.

I hope for today to be...

A day of growing closer to wholeness.

A day of hearing God's heart in his word.

A day of seeing God more clearly.

I hope for today to be another day of transformation.

Another day of my journey into life.

Another day of my journey into love.

Yes, I hope for tomorrow.

Yet...I hope for today.






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