Lent | Sunday Feast Day #2


Historically during Lent, throughout the week believers around the world fast to some extent or another in an effort to set their gaze toward Easter and align their hearts with Jesus' moving toward his sacrifice on the cross. But Sundays? SUNDAYS. Sundays were considered a FEAST day and not counted in the traditional “40 days” of Lent. Each Sunday between Ash Wednesday and Easter is set aside as a Sabbath respite from the fasting and contemplation of the rest of the Lenten season and create a holy rhythm between fasting and feasting.

In the heart of this tradition, we encourage you today to step into encouragement in the Word, into deeper belonging with our church body, to celebrate with family or friends later, perhaps over a meal, and to pursue at least some small measure of rest and recreation today.

Feel free to worship at home with our 2020 Lenten Worship Playlist on Spotify here, growing daily one song at a time.

- Andrea Baker, Worship Director
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