Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14


Come to the Welcome Center just around the corner from the Porch and our welcome team will take care of you!
Once some basic info is entered into our check-in system, we will print name tags and security tags for pick up.
One of the welcome team will help you find the right classroom for your child’s age and explain the pick-up procedure.
A small snack will be provided to the kids during their time in the classroom. If your child has food sensitivities, please make sure to notify the welcome team so it can be noted on your child’s name tag.

*We do advise parents of children with food sensitivities to provide an appropriate snack for their child.
We have 2 check-in stations downstairs and 1 upstairs.  Please print your child’s
name tags and remember to hold on to the security tag for pick up.
Beginning at 9:45, teachers should be in the classrooms, ready to welcome your child.
1st-5th grade (classes upstairs).  

At approximately 10:05, 1st-5th grade classes will walk to the worship center together, entering in the east doors, joining the adults for corporate worship.  After worship, they will return to their classrooms for the bible lesson, discussion, activities and game time!

The following age groups will spend the entire service in their classroom and/or designated play space:
  • Kindergarten (classroom upstairs)
  • Nursery– 2’s (main, west hallway across from Welcome Center)
  • 3’s, 4’s (southwest preschool wing)

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us!  To help reduce chaos for our teachers, we limit check in to the classroom itself and ask that PARENTS check in their kids instead of sending them off to the room alone.
If you have a 1st-5th grader and arrive during their transition to the worship center OR during worship time, please keep your child WITH you during worship until the kids are dismissed to their classes.  At that time, you can escort your child to the appropriate classroom for check in.

Sunday Mornings

CHECK-IN: 9:45am

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